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Clang Productions is a very small independent film, television, stage, and video production company
based in Humboldt County California.  Although we are small, we dream big.
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Rose Colored Glass
is a feature film based on the stage play of the same name
by Sue Bigelow Marsh and Janice Goldberg. 
The movie is expected to go into
production in 2024 with
a release date expected
a year or two after that.

It takes several years
for a movie idea to
make it to the screen.
Why does it take so long?  
Please read below:

Our typical work flow for a feature film
consists of six phases:

- Development -
(development takes a year or two)
1. securing rights and working on contracts
2. script adaptation work

- Pre-Production -
(pre-production takes another year or two)
1. cast and crew selection  
2. script editing, location scouting, storyboarding
3. rehearsals (as if the film were a stage play)  
4. finalizing location(s), making sets, costumes, props
5. working out location logistics

- Production -
(production takes many weeks on set/on location)
1. set up shooting schedule, transportation, location permissions
2. travel to location(s) to finalize schedule, other details
3. continue rehearsals throughout
4. go to location(s) and start filming
5. behind the scenes footage is taken throughout

- Editing -
(editing takes a year or more)
1. editor works with director, cinematographer, sound and music designers 
2. all raw film and sound is organized
3. best cuts and takes are selected, any problems identified
3. ADR dubbing and re-takes are scheduled if needed
4. director reviews edited scenes and re-takes as they are done
5. first cut is reviewed by director and changes suggested
6. sometimes a limited private test audience screening will be held
7. more editing as needed
8. final cut is approved by director

- Release - 
(release takes another year or more)
Film Festivals are usually the first phase of release.
It might take a year to get accepted to a festival and,
because festivals run throughout the year,
another year to get screened.

Important to know:
Festival entry does not guarantee selection.
Selection does not guarantee screening.
Screening does not guarantee an award.

Some festivals have online screening.  
Some have in person screening.  
Some have both.

Filmmakers usually attend important festivals.
Some festivals make tickets available to
the general public to attend the festival.
We will list festivals we have been accepted to
here on this website, with details
when they are available.

- Distribution -
(distribution takes months or years)
During the film festival phase, distribution agents often
make contact with filmmakers and offer distribution deals.
Sometimes, no deal is available that suits the filmmakers
or their legal representation.
Some films may go direct to video, or direct to streaming.
We will let you know about this as we go through the process.

Thank you for reading.
We will update this page with more information as it becomes available.
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